Download - Minimum required viewing times dataset


View the MVT dataset data card here.

MVT data collection toolbox

In addition to our dataset, we are excited to share our toolbox for running tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk to measure Minimum Viewing Time (MVT).


The images used within this dataset have been sampled from ImageNet and ObjectNet and have been gently edited. The respective licenses of the source datasets apply. Particularly, in accordance with ObjectNet's license, ObjectNet images may not be used to tune the parameters of any model. Annotations produced for this dataset are released under the Creative Commons BY-SA license.


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This work was supported, in part by, the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines, CBMM, NSFSTC award CCF-1231216, the MIT-IBM Brain-Inspired Multimedia Comprehension project, the Toyota Research Institute, and the SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL initiative.